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Cedric Prince - 1 Minute Freestyle Lyrics

See I'm feeling kinda cold but the whether is hot
Critics untying my shoes when I'm reaching the top
And people don't really care whether or not
You got an iced out chain or watch full of rocks
Don't be mad cause I'm speaking the truth
I'm just tryna get a dream to be living it proof
On the real, You should know that I'm easy to please
And I would probably have success if you'd give me the keys
P R I N C E, I am what u don't see
Reppin' by my city, come and visit me in D.C.
i aam also flyer than a pilot
bout to hit yo city with a plane and act silent
ask my age, baby, best believe I'm fifteen
Never been or ever will be another one of those has been
Heading to the next level, Heading to the new road
Uhhh ohh they screaming cedric on his real flow
See theres more to see than meet's the eye when it comes to muah
Better watch what you say if you got a glass jaw, cause
I do it, i go in, i go ham
The first verse but not the last, the grand slam, Damn!

Cedric Prince lyrics