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Causeries - The Gravel Path Lyrics

An age of understanding, I learn to act objective
Value the reasons to get up at all

Your gravel path is covered in dead leaves and branches
Someones hiding in the trees
If I pay you will you stay a little longer
Bloody miracle he was when he walked through the door
Part of me wish I was him

No one is invincible, not even you
I caught you catching your breath
I long til we talk the way we used to
Oh I mustve broken your heart

An age of desecrating , all the shit we carried
With us from the start
Someones waiting in the trees, I know he came here for me
Bloody miracle it was when I took you by the hand
Part of me will always be there

No one is invincible not even me
I who was to conquer the world
My feet leave no prints in the gravel no more
Oh I mustve broken your heart

Causeries lyrics