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Castle - Opium (blueprint Remix) Lyrics

she called me up, said she needed to talk
desperately need a friend. say she need me again
i know this story. should prolly end it before it starts
me and logic call a meeting, but my lower brain attends
fuck it, just listen to her
tells me she's trying to keep it together
but all her new nigga does is just rip into her
initial thought: "screw her. forget saving this chick
if you play superhero, she'll be your villainess."
logic has a loud voice, but the heart is undecided
aching to open up, and aches even more to invite her
then i'm reminded how good it feels to be snug inside her
before I know it she's in my bed and we fuck till maana
playing casual with questions like, "how's your mama?"
i know she couldn't a give a fuck, but I still give an answer
because we both know we're just stalling the drama
so grab your armor and brace yourself for ensuing trauma

and I know that I should tell her kick rocks - break a toe
but I won't. 'cause reason ain't stronger than lust
and I know that I should dead it, give it the final blow
but I don't. 'cause reason ain't stronger than us
go after the heart when the brain's not looking
go after the heart when the brain's not looking
go after the heart when the brain's not looking
won't be long before you start to wonder how she took it

so we're right back to the arguments
wasn't long before it stopped being marvelous
kisses on her neck seem to be enough to pause the shit
if only for an hour
then i'm left to wonder how I fell for this poisonous flower
perhaps I was attracted to the scars around her heart
they told me a tale of the last time she was torn apart
in my arrogance I tried to be that beacon in the dark
then I fell, but there was no one below me with a tarp
call herself 'bored', so she's packing up and leaving
never cheated, always given you respect, and that's a weakness?
what the fuck? what you mean you and that other nigga speaking?
i guess all that you needed was for you to be mistreated, huh?
feel like i'm bleeding, bruh. she cries, and I eat it up
fiery goodbye kiss, i'm tryin' to heat it up
say that I needed her, she say that he need her more
then she leaves me there, frozen, staring at the door

another promise to myself to keep my guard up
another beat is a canvas to draw some bars up
just remind myself: when something seem too good to be true
it probably is, and I shouldn't get beside myself
besides, shorty's doing well, and that is all that counts
she and dude living together, she became his spouse
she don't need me now, so why am I in shorty's house?
with the proverbial shovel ready to dig shorty out?

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