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Castle - The Punisher Kills Hip Hop Lyrics

they inside the crib wildin'
I'm standing outside grippin' a sennheiser
turn the safety off, take a deep breath
and exhale the winter air
guards watching, but they're none the wiser
'bout to put a stop to their shine like a sun visor
start the party with a few bombs
lot of 'em brag of how they're "cold."
let's see how they fair against the napalm
beg for mercy, but my heart is the color of Akon
smack him in their jibs and then I'm snatching their chain off
most of these guys soft. I spray away and scoff
a few make an attempt to flank, but I son 'em all
not only did I bring the beef, I brought it flame broiled
and smile as I'm casually picking these lames off
I cease my attack, walk along the battlefield
that's littered with dead bodies, beat tapes, and snapbacks
my adrenaline got me high as a fat sack
I regroup and reload *CLICK-CLACK*
nobody's left but a bunch of vixens, watching with wide-eyes
I tell 'em to runaway and find a job
I sense movement, I think somebody's still alive
find him and end him with a double tap between the eyes
duckin' the sirens, I look for the leader of these scrubs
eventually spot his car parked at a strip club
creep through the back, snuffed a bouncer on the way in
not a cloud in the sky, but inside it was raining
nice weather to die in. I might as well had stuck
my head in the mouth of a lion
I'm cool, but it's possible I'll go the way of the mayans
don't know the future, but somebody tonight is dying
It's win or die trying
swaggered in the room, caught the attention of his goons
their boss man's caught up in making it monsoon
strobe lights glistened on my makeshift dogtags
a testament to my victory on his comrades
that seemed to catch eye along with his rage
I slay his underlings before his money hit the stage
shots fired! the strip club succumbs to chaos
thank god I had a vest on when he let the guage off
more flunkies pile in. I have a long road ahead of me
It's crazy, I ain't even got a mile in
the move in my direction, I use the bar for protection
these niggas got me pinned down like insect collection
shoulda planned ahead, arrogance will be the death of me
corner of my eye, caught a grenade rolling next to me!
move quick, lob it back, pop up, *BRRAATT-BRRAATT*
shot one in his ego, then another on his neck tat
so-called "greatest" lie surrounded by his boys
that grenade I tossed back turned the club into Detroit
found a bottle of Jack Daniels and popped it open
took a swig, then poured it over the bullet wound on my shoulder
shit, I ain't even notice. fatigue gettin' to me
swaying on my feet, vision in and out of focus
I see my target freeze up when he hear my feet approaching
I guess he figured if he played dead I would have ghosted
pull out some pre-rolled medical, then I roast it
twin steams of smoke escape the nostrils when I toke it
"any last words?" and he weakly said, "fuck you."
and I just smiled, then showed his brain what a slug do

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