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Casey Veggies - They Know Peas And Carrots Lyrics

[Intro: Josh Peas]
Yeah man, it's your boy Josh Peas right now
And I got a lot of money in my hand
You wanna know how much?
A lot bitch

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Who is Casey Veggies? They know, They Know
And I'm with all the kids frontin' like Play Doh
Ha, nigga I can't stop, won't stop
They told me 'Yo you hot don't stop'
'And in another year you'll end up on top'
Putting out songs, yeah we gon' own shops
All the haters walking out the door...
Then it's 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 4
Yo, I'd been writing rhymes before 2004
14 years and now it's 2 thousand more
Yo, I fix the beat up like tool kit
They used to call me inches cause I always rule shit
Say 'what? ' becuase I always rule shit
Go up against me, let me tell you what you'll get
In Paris: clowned if you swim you gon' drowned
Rogue Status here, I'll make your girlfriend frown nigga

[Verse 2: Anwar Carrots]
Peas and Carrots BIIITCH
Supreme trainers on, yeah I'm daily bopping
No Sean John but yeah I'm daily shopping
On Fairfax, Hall Of Fame, Diamond hats
[?] Street good nigga, that's what we about
Turkey fleece... at your Mamma house
You get a whiff of the swag when I walk past
Sag so hard you see the gun show on my ass [?]
(No Homo)
[?] the inspiration
Of my creation
[?] and got you niggas hatin'
Seventeen-Twenty, we don't love blunts and pipes
Come to the awol and you can ask your porch light

[Verse 3: Josh Peas]
It's Josh Peas, ain't shit funny
Rogue Status tee and some motherfucking cheap monday
Holler at me bitch, better talk money
Euros, Pesos, yeah, currency
You already know I'm on my daily shit
But it's going down so I'm on my nigga shit
Take me to the mall, I can get any chick
I really mean it, I can get any chick
My swag just walked in, into song spirit
I got or a bitch, you already know it
J. Peas got plenty hoes
I make it rain on yo ass like a stripper ho
I got a bit of a problem, I'm disrespectful
Every female that I meet is a bitch or a ho
Sorry ladies, that's just how I'm feeling
Don't talk to me unless your panties peeling
Ya dig me?

Casey Veggies lyrics