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Casey Veggies - The Same Difference Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Same Difference lyrics performed by Casey Veggies. We have tried to make the The Same Difference song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

It's more and more follow me on Twitter (Twitter)
I'm walking around, shit's starting to look familiar (familiar)
My girl tell me, ain't nothing realer
I look her in her eyes, then I'm like
"You fo' real huh?"
And she could be lying (lying)
I'm so DTA, not much get by me (by me)
I'm tryna run LA, them lights be shinning
But I don't wanna know like Mario Winans
And at the same time, they can't mess with me rhyming
My friends don't come around no more, we growing up
But when I get the money, watch niggas start showing up
That's customized greatly, niggas change for the better
The same young Casey, never shaving off letters
And I ain't saying it's gon' come fast
But I can't just leave it in my past (past)
My past is my present and my future comes last (last)
I'm all about cash reminiscing old girls that came last
The same difference is, them girls will never last
I swear, I'm just young you didn't know my...
I think I struck the gold mine, thinking about old times
Check the road signs, turn the lights on (lights on)... yea it's showtime (showtime [x3])

Ayee said it's customized greatly
Customized greatly [x3]
(This is volume two)

Casey Veggies lyrics