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Captain Sparky - To Myspace, Mississippi, And One Less Fear! Lyrics

I listened to your album on repeat last night,
Just like yesterday after that silly fight,
And it's weird how connected I feel to you sometimes,
Even though I barely know you, well I wish that I did!

And I want to write you a letter, say promise me some day,
We'll meet each other outside of Myspace,
And in person we'll laugh and be silly or cry,
Or drink, if that's what you think!

And in some empty eerie sleepy campground,
In southern Mississippi,
The air is so thick of humidity,
And even though it's midnight it's still so hot!

And I can't remember the last cold day,
It's been over a month since I've worn my hoodie,
And that was in PEI,
Man, how time flies!

Well everything's shaky and hard at best,
But maybe tomorrow we can look our best,
And drive to New Orleans or maybe Las Vegas,
Pretend that we're flying there in an outer space ship!

Well why did you change, or why did I,
Because nothing is better,
Same shit different pile.

Well I'm sorry.

I messed up!

But I will try...

With my best luck!

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