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Camus - U Who Lyrics

you who started shooting, tried to run me out of town
sleeping with the enemy, running over me, this is what you found
you who set me up and then you got your self arrested
you see what comes around but you just had to test it
you knew you had to go, there was nothing left to steal
honey don't you know my love for you was real

who's sorry now ? You who you who

hey there girl I'm talking now got a little news for your mind
called on the phone last week but I got some other guy
you who had to have it all
but i wound up with your ball
you said you had to go you thought I would be broke
honey don't the word's, don't they make you choke

who's sorry now ? you who you who

hey there girl what's up with you you're looking kind of green
like you just spun that's all right I ain't the type that's mean

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