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Calvin Crabtree - F The World Lyrics

lost mind broke heart am i a shell of a man?
this was not my plan it was planed on me settup to fail
but yet i rize above the flame on a quest for the fortun and fame
no blame except for my self never relised it
now im in the game trying to open people eyes not
supprised they was hateing they knew id make it
the lord set a path to relice me
please belive me
people they wanting to be or shit talking
eather way im part of the sean
names calvin crabtree but call me fready cruger
couse im the man of ya dreams
not drifting allwse on point
redy to ride just give me the signal
takeing them out even if they busting from every direction
keep the heat on me aint got to tell me im crazy
i relize it when i drink alone and think back it gets me down
dose it imbed more rage
shit im wild from societys standers
yet i look for abd ask but they have no ansures
i guess i just become a man huh.

so who dont you just go ahead and dropp it
im like no other when i come threw busting
minde of a milatant leader gifted to spit
so i preach who else gonna reach
rap come and go lessons stay learned
so im gonna stay down
still balling still smileing
chilling or rolling
cant simulat it its real
still im in the flesh
guided by spirets
or thought from the top of his head
eather way its the best
no contest
catch crabtree drinking that brew
spitting that game
stay doing his iwn thing
commershal caricter buster is what half these fools is
had to set it str8 in the beginnin they sed rap was a trend
now the real mc lost im fin to fallow in they shadows
so look for me im liveing the life
all the ladys tell me i sound so nice
on a come up can stop it
you might herd this shit and it sound familure
but its something new
busting threw all ya crew
sounding lame no true tallent
all punch lines and trying to diss
no one got it like this
you swift footed go ahead and tire out
i make the fire come out.

Calvin Crabtree lyrics