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Califa Thugs - Sureno Thugs ft. Mr Sancho Lyrics

*** Chorus 1 and 2 said same time ***

[Chours 1: OFI]
Steady steppin like full sureno thug
Grey and blue

[Chorus 2: Sancho and Maniac]
Califa Thugs

Thugged out blad head
We the baddest mothafuckas
And we stay ahead
Ain't nobody never ever gonna take my name
Cause if you do then you die, that's the way
Enemies will never last put your glocks away
I'm the baddest mothafucka from around the way
I get a little dizzy when I smoke a J
Fuck a bitch and a hoe like every day
The magical thug, Califa Thug
Silencer is smokin the bud
I put the nine to the eye
Just to show there is no love
And to any mothafucka tryin to take me
Makin money all day
That's what I'm all about
Silencer on a mission
Amunition no competition
Drop a verse to the song with a gangsta rhyme
Mothafucka talk shit like every time
Pull to the side on the gangsta rhymes
Time for me to go to a little homicide
Enemies are gonna get paralyzed
Everyone is gonna be hypnotized
Silencer is the one that terrorized
When you see come around you better step a side
Fuckin bitches every day I'm at the studio
I carry my dagger
Somebody's becomin a cadver
I got the money to travel
Nobody's ready to battle
Silencer comin at you
Silencer's gonna snatch you
And pass the marijuana let me take another hit
Cause here I come to blast

Flippin like a mothafucka puttin down
Blazin like a mothafucka smokin a pound
If only mothafuckas could see me now
Laced up in the cut with thugs bumpin loud [Califa Thugs]
I see other fools we know
That kinda shit don't

Califa Thugs lyrics