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Ca$his - Clique (freestyle) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Clique (freestyle) lyrics performed by Ca$his. We have tried to make the Clique (freestyle) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Full time mobster, fedecini and lobsters
Full time mobster, fedecini and lobsters
You packing pastas, ready to get blasted
I live non sense, you pussies like convents
Nigga I'm a convict, you're a fucking comic
Deray davis, on some Kevin high shit
But you tryina bang, my nigga you're a target
Pushing 600, 600 to the carcass
In the beef suit, I be swimming where the sharks is
Nigga be, no disrespect to your click
You can represent, but I'm all about the 6's
Never drop my flags or forget my lip
And I'm no longer active, but you know what it is
On my way to Gary Indiana and I'm packing
My kush stay throwing trays up like Paxton
I'm a fly guy, known to get it cracking
Just fuck the bitch up the maxim, mad
Tell me is it wrong if I brag but I stack it
Hit the mall like groceries, paper and plastic
Lousing at the past, still staying high fashion
Wu tang forever, old dirty bastard

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