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C-note - Mr. Big Shot Lyrics

Uh, Big Shot Records hold up uh

It's Mr. Big Shot, creeping with the big glock
I came to make your head bob, my triggers give me head shots
I let the lead pop, when I let the top drop
Rolling down MLK, where them fine girls bop
My rims won't stop, trunk beating up your block
Ring is blinding up your spot, T records selling out
Know I'm tal'n bout, balling like a big shot
My pockets like some shoe strings, cause they stay full of knots
They know who I are, I roll foreign cars
Women say they love me, cause I'm a ghetto star
They know how I lean, when we up in they jeans
Nigga I'm a B-I-G S-H-O-T
People running up, and coming up to me
Cause they see the TV's, in the SUV
I love it when the people show L-U-V
Selling out my concerts, ooh you can't believe

Mr. Big Shot (it's Mr. Big Shot baby)
Who do you think you are, Mr. Big Shot
You rolling in the flyest cars, Mr. Big Shot
Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Shot, I love a young ghetto star

Rocks in my ring, deep rocks in my watch
Rocks in my piece, chain knots in my socks
I keep letting money blow, in the wind
Ain't gotta keep a count, how much do' I spend
Gonna hit the mall, shop till you drop
Sun reflecting off the face, of my chrome watch
I'ma teach you how to stroll, with a big shot
Cause some hot, you can roll with a big shot
Candy helicopters, cause I got hell-a-boppers
I be on them don't stopper's, and them chrome choppers
See me with the K, and I spray nigga
Don't you see me popping tags, everyday nigga
Don't you see me coming down, in the J nigga
Don't you see the bank account, getting way bigger
How you gonna out ball a big shot
That'll be the day, you catch a wig shot


C-Note up on the scene, I'm bout that clover green
Cause my pockets way bigger, than Yao Ming
I know you see me bling, I'm into flashy things
Like putting thirty karats, in my pinky ring
I fly private jets, what it do respect
Doing donuts in the Vette, bout to break they neck
Kids wanna be me, cause I'm a superstar
And I keep a model chick, riding on my car
Bout to spend a hundred G's, when I hit the bar
Some say I take it too far, thinking I'm a star
But I'm a big shot, making big thangs happen
You see them hundred dollar bills, that I use for packing
You see the platinum microphones, that I use for rapping
You see the twinkie plus rims, that I use for capping
Some people got a lot, but I got way mo'
It's Mr. Big Shot, shining I'm up out the do'

[Hook - 2x]

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