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Buzzcocks - Thunder Of Hearts Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Thunder Of Hearts lyrics performed by Buzzcocks. We have tried to make the Thunder Of Hearts song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Tell me why you looked the other way
I've been tired of being blind from staring at the sun.
No cause for celebration tonight

Okay, Right. You Win.
But always remember
Don't say you've not heard
When you'd die to get forever

Yeah Sometimes even monkeys fall from trees
The time has passed
your mind's made up
we're going on our way
in my life this is happening to me

You live what you learn
I'll beg ,steal and borrow
the thunder of hearts
will echo tomorrow
okay write you in
but always remember
i've said you've not heard
when you'd die to get forever

It's not much of a mystery
all these things are a habit you're to be
I've laid down here on bendy knees
but it's too much to ignore

I know a thing or two, well more than three
I wanted to be perfect,
What if we should be
No chance of celebration tonight

You live what you learn
I'll beg, steal and borrow
The thunder of hearts
Will echo tomorrow
Okay Right, you win
But always remember
I've said now you've heard
Will you'd die to give forever

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Songwriters: PETER SHELLEY