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Burning Heads - In My Head Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In My Head lyrics performed by Burning Heads. We have tried to make the In My Head song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Sometimes when I look around
It's in my head
I get this strange feeling of life
It seems as if the world has just stopped going round,
for a moment, just for a while
I'll never give up screaming,
No need to ask me why
Sometimes I get that feeling
Looking down on the streets of our own town
Everything is falling apart inside
Behind those walls of fright
Television is on
At the window you seem so far.
It's in my head,
I hope that
It's in my head
I like that
And if I liked to get to you
I guess I'd have to be like you
And stay everynight locked in my house and scared.
It's something in my head
It keeps me burning inside and keeps me going my way
With no regrets and no pain.

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