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Bun B - Eagles Lyrics

[Intro: Bun B]
Yeah, trill niggaz in this bitch, P.A. in this bitch
We gon' show these hoe ass niggaz how we get it in
How we do it down here, how we live
They hatin on us baby cause we too, we too fly baby
Too fly, we eagles down here mayne
You niggaz is doves so you get no love

[Bun B]
They say they want the good (want the good) well I'm the better (I'm the better)
I'm grippin wood (grippin wood) my paint is wetter (paint is wetter)
I'm official, certified and then some
Most niggaz lose, all me I'ma win some (win some)
See I'm a gambler (gambler) I take a chance (chance)
Niggaz run up on me wrong I'ma make 'em dance (dance)
Nothin up my sleeves (sleeves) but somethin in my hands (hands)
that make you reconsider routes and have a change of plans (plans)
Money changin hands (hands) cars gettin swapped (swapped)
Loose lips sink ships and I ain't gettin popped (popped)
So if I don't say (say) and I don't show (show)
Then they won't hear (hear) and they won't know (know)
Keep it on the low (low) tuck it in the attic (attic)
Lock it in the basement (basement) cause you don't want the static (static)
My reply's automatic and it's automatic
And it's on my person playa right where I oughta have it

[Chorus: Bun B]
Blaow! How ya like me now? (How ya like me now?)
They all know I do it, they just don't know how (what?)
I'm fly like a eagle mayne (huh) like a eagle mayne
Fly like a eagle mayne (huh) like a eagle mayne
Bam! When that trunk goes slam (what?)
The hood go crazy and the trap go HAM (damn)
I'm fly like a eagle mayne (huh) like a eagle mayne
Fly like a eagle mayne (huh) like a eagle mayne

[Bun B]
Hol' up, that trill shit is back, yes (yes)
First class with that front do' access ('cess)
Rich niggaz that'll take it to the mattress
Make you walk the plank (plank) go batten down your hatches (hatches)
It's all hands on deck (deck)
Full speed ahead when the man's on wreck (on wreck)
Bitch niggaz move around when we set sail (sail)
We don't see the white flag your best bet, bail (bail)
Cause we so damn ornery (ornery)
So when you see a king, go on honor me (honor me)
Bow down and pay homage
Or you finna feel the wrath, I promise
I'm as, good as the best (best) but bad as the worst (worst)
You livin in a bubble but that bitch finna burst (burst)
A thirst I can't quench (quench) the fever for the flavor (flavor)
I'll bring it to yo' house and yo' motherfuckin neighbors


[Bun B]
Trill ass nigga don't get me wrong, rep my city not just a song
Nuts real big and my dick hang long, thick real thick and it roll real strong
Talk that shit 'til we catch ya slippin, pull them K's and we pop that clip in
Lettin 'em go so you best start dippin, duckin and dodgin, I ain't bullshittin
Pussy ass nigga you gets no love, know you a lame wanna fuck with a thug
Just like that then ya ass get drug, just be glad you ain't gettin no slug
Got bad look when you roll them dices, get stabbed up or you catch them slices
All for the money we make our vices, and we get it for the low-low prices (man)
See me in a low-low swangin, trunk popped up and the fifth wheel hangin
Plate just scrapin, trunk just bangin, lookin for a lick tryin to hit me a sting and
Back to the crib where we chop that bread, and your bitch finna slop that head
Bake them cakes, duck them Feds, we don't back down, we buck instead ('stead)
The streets know Bun is a boss, been in the game and he paid the cost
Boilin the pasta, cookin the sauce, pinchin the pennies not takin a loss (loss)
The pistol or pot I'm a pro with, money I tango, I go get
Niggaz and bitches they know it, so don't make me pop it and show it


Bun B lyrics