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Bubba Sparxxx - Hairdresser Hot Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Hairdresser Hot lyrics performed by Bubba Sparxxx. We have tried to make the Hairdresser Hot song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Chorus: The Lacs] + (Bubba)
She's hairdresser hot (hot) motorcycle mean (mean)
Hillbilly helmet, every country boy's dream (I must be dreamin!)
She cooks like her momma do, hammered drink Beam (Beam!)
She likes to leave her boots on, I love to make her scream (scream!)
She's been known to cause brawls, never pays for nothin (nothin)
Slips right through the law, touchin when she's buzzin (buzzin)
She's always up to somethin, I don't know about y'all but me (hey hey hey hey)
She-she-she-she-she-she-she's every country boy's dream

[Bubba Sparxxx]
My momma said, "That drama don't need it"
Dirt roads even out, county fair queen and
If you can keep it, you ain't gon' leave it
Neptune lookin boy, she ain't no Venus
Betty's so bad she don't need no tab
E'rything free that she throw back
E'ry dude here put a ring on that
But Betty ain't wit it, she'll veto that
She don't wanna ride nuttin, she wanna drive
Me and you, him and them, not about mines
A hotter country girl I really doubt you gon' find
Did a keg stand, baby now it's go time
Up top, round back, 'member how I found that new booty
Now "New Booty #2" to me
Hot like a hairdresser and she couldn't care lesser
Turn it up wherever, scared never


[The Lacs - #1]
Go hard, no charge
Skip to the front of the line, rock star
She got friends too, eight-nine-dimes
Anything less, she got time
Big city boy, big money man
Tryin to be slick, tryin to run game
Tease just enough to get free drinks
Then it's "By the way, I'm engaged"
(Damn) Dirty ass trick
by a chick that commit to blowin your mind
But your type just ain't her kind
Them country boys is what she like
Raised in the South, lil' cornbread fed
Big buck, big truck, and her tender legs
Hey, I'm on fire, gotta take a deep breath
She'll ride all night, she don't need no breaks


[The Lacs - #2]
She got that country swag, run lil' tags
Georgia boots and a camo bag
I'm talkin she fine as hell
Bad little Southern jezebel
She'll spend a hundred on her hairdo
{?} ring, don't let that scare you
Outlaw woman, what you think?
She only smokes when she drinks
She's a party star, runs the bar
Got a four-wheel drive and a little sports car
She hits the track, loves to ball
She rides on the back of a hog
She {?} when she's up in a bar
She loves to hear the sound of a screaming guitar


Bubba Sparxxx lyrics