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Brooke Russell - Once In A Lifetime Lyrics

Once in a lifetime you might find
Finding somebody it might take some time
But if you control your destiny
You might find that someone that's meant to be

Once in a lifetime...
You might find...
Once in a lifetime
Might take some time...
Once in a lifetime
Is meant to be...
Once in a lifetime
Once in a lifetime

So get up to frame and take a picture
Of how it could really be
Cause if you let it pass it might hit ya
It might be too late, can you hear me?
For you to have all the things you want
You got to give, you got to give
Its only one life here to live
So live your life and dont forget


Believe in yourself
Dont let nobody tell you what to do
If you let your chances by
You might not get another try
Don't let this happen to you

Waited for so long
Now its your turn to moove on
Keep the faith alive
Its only way to stay alive

Refrain (2x)

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