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Bronx Casket Co. - The Bad Guy Lyrics

These are just words
Meaningless letters
On a page
Just like your thoughts
Of no consequence
All the same

Life without me
Could never exist
Every hero needs
His villain
Here I am alone
Atop the list

My name's not Mr. Sunshine
But I won't rain on your parade
Won't share myself with you
Can't be part of that
Here comes trouble
Here comes pain
Here comes everybody's
Nightmare insane
Here comes shadow
The man in black

I don't care if you live or die
Here comes the bad guy

These walls around me
Never seem to be
Thick enough
To block out your kind
A race of pain and misery
You won't understand me
No matter how
You might try
The need to be seperate
From you
So I'm labeled bad guy

The darkest part of me is
Part of you
I'm part of you

Bronx Casket Co. lyrics

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Songwriters: CARLO VERNI