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Boyz N Da Hood - Trap Niggaz Lyrics

(Young Jeezy)
Yeaa, Chea..Yeaaaa, Jody Breeze in this bitch (dat's right) Young Jeezy in this bitch (wha) Ayy Ay

(Young Jeezy)
Well they done put you on a track with a well known trap nigga

(Jody Breeze)
Ay, I'm well known myself so hell I might as well trap withcha

(Young Jeezy)
Shit can get crazy dawg, I hope you brought your strap withcha

(Jody Breeze)
Ay I'm a cap peelin crack dealer, this ain't just no rap nigga

repeat 1x

(Jody Breeze)
First of all I'm that nigga that's moving that work for y'all
I'm the one you call who got it all X, dro, par, salt
I gotta get it now nigga and I don't care tha cost
Cause the way I'm feelin nigga I wanna take it all

(Young Jeezy) Ay Ay hold up shawty (Jody Breeze) What Up Nigga?
(Young Jeezy) Pump your breaks, slow your roll dude
(Jody Breeze) For what?
(Young Jeezy) Want the real money, gotta lose the attitude
(Jody Breeze) Ma'an nigga fuck that
(Young Jeezy) Nigga, what type of shit is you on
Don't be talkin all god damn reckless on my phone

(Jody Breeze)
Well I'm just saying though,(juss sayin tho') I'm just telling you what I stand for
We both grown men so just gimme what I ask for
I never asked yo ass for a half of
nothing cause I already have what they ask nigga

(Young Jeezy)
Look..Ya mouth too fly dawg (to fly dawg)
Plus your numbers too high dawg (they too high dawg)
So why even try dawg (why even try dawg)
I'm getting money ayy, you just getting by dawg

(Jody Breeze)
Ay whachu mean nigga?
I fuck hoes too (fuck wrong wit chu)
My niggaz bringing them bummas in truck loads too, yea
And I ain't but 19 nigga but I'm no joke
Ain't nann no nigga fina fuck me cuz I know coke

(Young Jeezy)
Ayy believe that bullshit if you wanna
Worry bout shawty and them and they hotter than a suana (then a sauna)
And watch your tone you gonna be heard
And one more thing don't ever use that c-word

(Jody Breeze)
Ay come on man, I'm from the West Side
I think you already know that we on it ma'an (we on ma'an)
We getting dough boy (dough boy)
We moving blow boy (and that's fa sho)
And we's hotter than the stove in 94 boy

(Young Jeezy)
Ay ayy that might be true
But I ain't worried bout them, I'm trying to help you
Look, it ain't about who damn bread tha longest
It's about who can stay out on these streets the longest
Ay, cause one slip then you outta here (outta here)
Won't be back until them damn fuck rodgers years

(Jody Breeze)
Well tell you what, gimmie wha chu think I ouuta have
Watch how I have them fiends asking for your autograph


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