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Bow Wow - This My House Lyrics

Lamborhgini Moss vroooom!

Un hun
Let's go!
A! J.D. you knew this was comin
I'm a give them what they been missin
I'm a show these niggas what to do when the beat go
Un hun

Big bow used to be a lil dog
But I been gettin pussy before I took the lil off
I got a bad chick
Lil red bone
And every time we fuck I tell her leave her heals on
Now let's get back to the basics
Got 5 homes use one from vaction (stunnin)
I could be the best out that's what they sayin
Gotta chase the paper cause I don't have the patence
Not Keanu Reeveing me bitch I'm no replacement
Lonely at the top you on the bottom like a basement
Say lil mamma
Know you want a winner
He can take you out to eat, but he can't afford a dinner
Wrist game crazy
Cold like december
And I been countin paper every since I can remember
B to the O Dub
Get cha dough up
Now that I'm off of sony ain't no hold ups
Wat up snoop next time I'm a roll up
I just put 32's on my hummer truck (stunnin)
(A man they hatin on you bow) like I give a fuck
You think I care bout them blogs man I'm rich ass fuck

I run this shit this my house... [x4]
I run this bitch this my house... [x3]
Don't get kicked out
Bitch run this shit!

In dis that lb-dub gang [x3]
Cash money cmb n lb-dub gang
You kno columbias in this bitch
You know Khleo in this bitch
My nigga Ant up in this bitch!
I run this shit
I run this shit bitch
I run this shit nigga
I run this
B to the O DUB yea holla!

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