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Bossa Nostra - Jackie Lyrics

Jackie has a thing
Even if the thing is not so hard
She knows right now it's all she's got
And she can make it swing

Jackie has a past
Even if she's trying to forget
Between the stage lights and the sweat
Oh she will blow the past away

La la la la la
Life is just a lonely night outside the rain
La la la la la
Like a lone lost child who's on his own again
La la la la la
Life is just a bitter tone with sad refrain
Gotta find a way to bear the strain

Jackie sings her pain
Umm um umm

Papa was so strong
Yes he was a strong and charming man
And Jackie did not understand
Why you could feel so wrong

At the paradise
Even if the pay is not so great
And jackie has to work till late
By night she sings her pain away


Jackie works her batch
Every single song she sings it slow
And when the crowd begins to go
She starts from scratch

Bossa Nostra lyrics

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Songwriters: Scott Thomas