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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Look Into My Eyes (clean Radio Edit) * Lyrics

* Features an alternate verse from Krayzie Bone

[Krayzie Bone]
We thuggish ruggish {*niggas*} always, always
Been ready to bring the war, if you ain't, you ain't
We thuggish ruggish {*niggas*} always, always
Been ready to bring the war, if you ain't

Chorus: Krayzie Bone
Look into my eyes and tell me
What it is you see in me (Would you look into my eyes)
Look into my eyes and tell me
What it is you see in me (Could you tell me what you see)

[Verse 1: Bizzy Bone]
Comin' through the door with my militia, wanna be brief
Big {*niggas, fuck*} y'all
With a gang of bodyguards
My {*niggas*} is stone cold killers, peelers
Pimpin' out the limos, the {*bitch*} soldiers maintain
Givin' my babies all of my money, but my diamonds steady be shinin', my
Gang, you know me
Homeys get more love
And I'm blessed when I'm out of my senses
Pump my fist to Mo Thug
Gotta keep the Lord up over my shoulders, Jesus
Sent me His roller
Loco, sober, load a revolver, hold 'em down, buck 'em all to hell, cause I'm sho'nuff
And I seen, that the bullet holes was too much, your luck, ya get blowed up
All of your {*niggas*} goes out the surgeons, said that your body can not be sewed up
Hold up, and wait a minute
It's time for Bone Thugs, cause y'all think that you can really hate

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Krayzie Bone]
It's a regular day when the haters hate me
But they could never fade me
Them stuffed in the trunk of my Mercedes, Krayzie ready
And you can believe that
You would believe me
When we get even
We get even
Fin to set it off in Cleveland
Welcome to the party
But no clone Bone imitators allowed
Cause we ain't tryin' to front nobody
But you rap like my partner, pal
Everybody say the same thing
Yeah, back in the days, a copper might have been toasted
But, man, really them copper wasn't sayin' nothin', cause evidently wasn't nobody listenin'
If you can look into my eyes, tell me directly what you see
Nine times out of ten, you're probably seein' revenge, and there's plenty within
Buck 'em all if I can't get my respect
Come on, now, put them to rest, rest
What an ugly, ugly mess, but nevertheless, we won't stress

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Layzie Bone]
All I see is this soldier, pistol in holster
Givin' you the most, I toast to them thugs
And it ain't nothin' but the love of bud that we brought to the table
And these haters wanna test, catch slugs, put 'em in the mud
Harmony smooth with the thug-ness
More murder to the fools that clone
Five trues loc'ed out with the roughness
And it's war when you crap these Bones, we can get it on
And I'm referrin' to all of y'all fakers, y'all know who you are when y'all tried that
Rollin' with the E since ninety-three, shut {*shit*} down in the industry, {*nigga*}, can you bite that
I know
Everybody wanna roll with pros, and make friend of foes, but we chosen
God done blessed us with His potion, pure devotion, freely spoken, baby
You don't wanna see the Bone never
Stay together, my click too clever
Ride through the days of the stormy weather
Remember, eternal, it means for everlastin'
Number one assassin, blastin', bashin' on all you haters wrong-doin's
All of the heavens gonna be ruined, trues
When He come, we won't be losin', provin' 'em wrong

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 4: Wish Bone]
I see
Five thuggish ruggish {*niggas*} ready, roll wherever I go
True to put it, but don't wanna be a killer
But I gotta get down for mine, that's fa' sho
Hear you out there clownin' mine, you can't rhyme, the style you got
Is all mine, and when I see you, {*bitch*}, jump on your pockets double time
And it's like that
You don't want that
Come and get some pap-pap
Wanna sound like
Wanna be like, uh
Now you know we can't have that
Why you clones wanna bite the Bone rap, platinum raps
Bet that bitin' stuff
And they ain't doin' nothin', tryin' to make somethin' out of nothin'
Mug it, let's peel caps
Lyrically, buck 'em down
Bone, put 'em in its place
You wanted the violence, the violence, the violence, the violence, the violence (Yeah)
Now, look into my, eyes, bet you see
A realer killer thug
Puttin' it down with harmony

Repeat Chorus Twice

Bone Thugs-n-harmony lyrics

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