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Bone Thugs-n-harmony - Everything 100 Lyrics

[Intro: Ty Dolla $ign]
Dolla, Dolla, Dolla, Dolla
Sign, Sign, Sign, Sign
Aw yeahhh
Bone, Bone

[Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign] + (Krayzie)
She want that thuggish ruggish, turnt up in the function
Shake it for the love of the money
I give her that thug love, I do my stuff
Girl, e'rything one hun'ned (I'ma keep it one hun'ned)
E'rything one hun'ned (one hun'ned)
E'rything one hun'ned (one hun'ned) yeahhh
E'rything one hun'ned (one hun'ned)
E'rything one hun'ned (one hun'ned) yea, yea

[Krayzie Bone]
You know I keep it true to my brain
Girl I always stay one hun'ned, kept it real for 20 years I ain't changed
Be careful when you cruisin in my lane
Watch me creep up through your rearview as I gas right past these lames
W-w-we did it how we did it cause we did it for the money
Livin on, we livin this, you really really love this
You want a thug nigga like me (like me)
Yeah you know they all love niggaz like me (like me)

[Layzie Bone]
She ain't complainin mainly cause it's everything I do that's entertaining
Hangin, swangin, body banging, she ain't trainin to be famous
Yeah she speak the language, baby know just where the lane is
She with me she never nameless, strangers know we are the daaaangerous
Th-this ain't that there
This still that Thugs shit but this for them players
This for the ones that's puttin the smoke up in the air
Everything 100 baby, this is St. Clair


[Bizzy Bone]
Let's go~!
She with the thuggish ruggish, wanna see me in public
She seen I lost weight, now she wanna see the stomach
Yo' boo-boo still love it, women out here fuck it
Let's make it clear before we dove into the sea of touchin
I come from broke nothin, I keep the ghetto with me
Because the ghetto's in me, trill niggaz still thuggin
She in the tell, with me cell, with me scale
Women bail, women hail, women coach, tippin scales (with me)

We got your lady stuck on a thug, still that's who she want that love from
Them busters don't know what to do with it, come get her love some
I tell 'em shut up and the sun up to this game
Then rub 'em down head to toe, then whip 'em up with that thang
I'm known to get down for mine, trill in this borderline of crime
But I'm doin fine and that's why I'm they Valentine
I do it, do it two times until she scratch me
Now she hittin licks and callin me papi


[Wish Bone]
Car nice, all white, we on the highway
She got her head in my lap, we ridin dirty
+Thuggish Ruggish+, +1st of Tha Month+, +See Me Shine+
+Notorious Thugs+, +Foe Tha Love of Money+
+If I Could Teach the World+ to be
a thug like me, me
+If I Could Teach the World+ to be
a thug like me, me


Bone Thugs-n-harmony lyrics