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Bone Crusher - The Wall ft. Chris Hardnett, Baby B Lyrics

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[Chorus: x2]
The Wall The Wall
And we keep on struggling
And we ain't got nothing
And we need to get something

This woman can't put the bread on the table
It isn't like she isn't willing and able
Went down to the department of labor
They gave her a job, made it minimum wage uh
And its like mental slavery (uh)


Got love for my
Got to war for my
for my
be strong for the struggle
hard for the struggle
got to keep you hustle
got to show your muscle
we down for the streets
we live in the streets
what's that trappin'
but it got to eat
wanna bust your cap
and life makes you snap
but hoes don't
gots to adapt


Lift your head up
Get your chin off your chest
remember its hard for us all
that's out here on the quest
to be the best at what we do
and never accept it less
we all got our own destinies
that we must manifest
you can't
let 'em stop you
and let 'em drop you
sometimes a part of you just gotta do what you gotta
but you always keep swinging
from my force always know you gotta keep singing

[Chorus x3]

You gotta get up, stand up, never give up [x9]

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