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Bob - My Life Lyrics

The realest shit I ever wrote in my life, in my life, in my life
In my life in my life, in my life, in my life
The realest shit I ever wrote in my life, in my life, in my life
In my life in my life, in my life, in my life
In my life, my life, my life

[Verse 1]
Time and time again, I ask myself whos listening?
Who feels my pain, who feels my thoughts?
Whos on the road that Im travelling?
But I cant complain, these are just my words
You would feel the same if you was in my skin, if you was in my shoes
If you went all the days that I went struggling and hustling
If you spent all the nights that my momma cried
Those endless nights, those weary eyes
Everyone in the house would just fuss and fight
Flipping over furniture, grabbing knives
Wed call the cops, here they come again
All the things in life I couldnt comprehend
We ignored our problems, wed just pretend
That they wasnt there, like they didnt exist
In Eastside Decatur our situation made us
React the the way that we did
All the nights that we had to freeze
Oh no, huddle up, here comes the wind!
On a stormy night in a flooded house
I can still hear the raindrops pourin in
And they pourin in, its pourin in
I can still hear the raindrops pourin in


[Verse 2]
Thats why my attitude is fuck the world
I see most these rappers as a bunch of girls
Scary-ass niggas, this a poltergeist
Kick these niggas offstage like an open mic
Niggas know who I am behind the music
Even when they gon, Imma still be here
I done made more money off a single album
Then youll probably ever see throughout your whole career
Yall aint boss, yall lightweight
We smoke pounds, yall pound cake
Thats why real niggas dont fuck with yall
Yall sweet to the air like soundscapes
And the crazy thing about it I aint gotta do this rap shit
I could make a million off of royalties
And turn around and buy the rights to your masters
I aint gotta feel the fake persona
Full of goons in my squad who appear to be bolder
Im from the hood, man, I aint from the streets
I took a different path, the one that lasted longer
And now Im straight for life, and my team is eatin
And thats all I owe, and thats the way I see it
So leave me the fuck alone
And let me smoke this blunt to myself this evening


[Verse 3]
What am I supposed to be?
Am I supposed to smile, am I supposed to grin, huh?
For White America to let me in
Should I assume a role thats none threatening?
Oh, Bobby Ray, you so cool in your raps
All that other garbage, you dont talk like that
Meanwhile, I just left the strip club an hour ago
Now Im thinkin bout turning back
Tell me whos the author that writes the script
Im what it means to be, to be a lyricist
Obviously, Im in a league of my own
So I dont get offended if I aint on your list
This takes me back, back in the day
when I was broke as shit
Failed every test, every class I skipped
I was in my zone with a pad and pen
I didnt understand, I was just a kid
So misunderstood, never had a friend
I was so depressed, always upset
Here I go, contemplating suicide again
I was all alone, I was out of touch
Little did I know that I was out of sight
So I kept my headphones all the way turnt up
Waiting for the moment when the time was right
Now the time is right


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Songwriters: John Lennon, Paul McCartney