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Blueprint - The Climb Lyrics

Yeah, uh-huh... right...
Smooth as the groove that the needle is set on
The move with the freedom of a queen on a chess board
Explore, new techniques so I'm never bored
Even when I fail to impress, I press on
There's always more, cause music is infinite
You can't see it all cause your viewpoint's limited
Expand your frame of mind until you can picture it
But no matter what lens you get, remember it's limitless
Some artists get discouraged, I think I know why
They're focused on the peak but I'm focused on the climb
You can never know it all or master all the styles
No more than you can take a photo of the whole sky
Or hold all the sand in your hands at the beach
Or walk on every inch of the land at your feet
But even though you can't, you're still within reach
I'm fascinated about the challenge so I have to speak on it

I never write rhymes just because the beat bangs
I write rhymes cause I need things I got to say
I'm never forced to pen even though I'm getting paid
I wouldn't care if it's a song with Nas, B.I.G. and Jay
You see what I did there, I shouted out the greats
Without name drop in every bar like Game
That ain't even a dis so don't get it twisted
It's just what my dudes say when they hear 'em spittin
Everybody raps so I lie when I'm asked
I say I either work behind a desk or a chef
Cause if I tell the truth, they gon' ask if they can spit
And I don't wanna tell 'em that they sound like shit
See back in the day I probably woulda told the truth
Cause hurtin people's feelings used to make me feel cool
But now I got a lot less to prove
I learned it's best to let people do what they do

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