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Blu - The West Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The West lyrics performed by Blu. We have tried to make the The West song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Hey yo, cruising down west with them colorful hats
Golden, that black, such a lovable match
The rap constable, comfy like bubbles in baths
Was with the pudding brown, duffels and bags
I'm from the west, my flag got that brown bear on it
Sagged and racked rags when my folks don't condone it
When the folks in the storms was opponents I was posting in my room
Staring at the wall, wishing I was a baller, a little bit taller
Now I'm 6'4, I want a 64 impala
System serving the city, city staining walls up
Thinking about my father when I look at that revolver

Nigga, hey, yo, peeling off the?
Bb be the boss
I'm trying not to floss the hog sauce?
Mad personality swag on
Finna have trojans on the trojan cap
Oj simpson, thinking I'mma merk that
Circle back, I seen her, she bendy, she kinda bad
And she don't know your boy
Tell her hop in the back, I keep the chrome strapped
Under both seats like my og
Cold streets, put the heat back where it's supposed to be
Rolling through the drive-in, stay, we pull up
Where niggas wasn't supposed to be back then
The west

Sitting on, flossing for the fish and the bread
Seas on my head like the cincinnati bread
Fucking niggas on my business like they feds
I'm like?
I call mad just to get to some meds
Call flare, cough red, gangrene to the head
Chick was all peppered 'cause she knew I sweat her
If I was a regular
But I'm a g, I do that letter up
Got me some g2, I met her once
She told me when all the west africans stay in here
They chatter up
Gave her gold as a child born, flesh and blood
Call them? to prove
The west won

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