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Blind Guardian - The Edge Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Edge lyrics performed by Blind Guardian. We have tried to make the The Edge song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

The world turned innocence
Can you hear me?
I confess I'm no redeemer
Can you hear me?
What shall I do?

I witnessed everything
Faith won't leave me
Mind my tongue
Faith don't leave me
Glow into words

This is the edge now
It's all we're living for
Rain on me
Love you will rain on me
And at the end I,
Boast in he cross
And now
Love reigns -
The god incarnation
I've shaped

Out there is a world on fire

Accursed the hanged one
Divine love for free
What a fateful night
And a grateful life
The choir echoes
"Every man his price"
Light my agony
And crucify me
Void the law
At the ninth hour
Void the law
At the ninth hour

This is the edge now...

The world turns flesh again
Mystified are the final hours
No more fear in
No more fear in

The brook
Time it is at hand
Obscure the facts
A passion play

This is the edge now...

Hallowed be thy name
Hallowed be thy name
No more fear in

Come take a look
The old symbols they move
Wounds still bleed
That's creed
No more fear in
Can you see me?
Come take a look
At the depth of my soul

Blind Guardian lyrics

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