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Black Warrant - The End Is Fear Lyrics

Your faithless forms of darkness scatter
In weight of my insight behold
Your tears they grow with fear in numbers
You may submit, surrender is denied

Your cries are fading wishes taken wings
Silently awaiting, devastating judgment weighs your sins and lies

Blatant claims and signs that blind you,
And fear of sins you live, they bind you
Watch how they might but fall
And how they plead and scream and crawl

The fear of finding, endless lines in winding walks of life
Still contemplating, standing, staring, stepping through the miles

*Guitar solo

Faithless, lies that hide me
My treason stands beside.
Moments spin the reasons
Silent scenes in the night

Haunting words in secret lies
Singing sleepless lullabies
There dark, and pain drip, as rain fills the skies.

Black Warrant lyrics