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Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Turn Up The Night lyrics performed by Black Sabbath. We have tried to make the Turn Up The Night song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

A rumble of thunder
I'm suddenly younger
It's your spell
No rhyme or reason
Or time of the season
Know it full well

The tongue can't deliver
I shake and I shiver
Down your soul
You know what you cover
I think for another
It's a story told
So get a good hold, yeah!

A whistle of voodoo
You thought that you knew who you are
A sep'rate equation,
A pencil relation,
The past gone too far
A time of suspicion
A special condition
That we all know
So let it all go, yeah!

Turn up the night
Turn up the night
Turn up the night
It feels so right

Night time sorrow
Taken like the plane
Black will never come out
Lies for the same
Evil lurks in twilight
Dances in the dark
Makes you need the movement
Like a fire
Needs a spark to burn!

Got to turn up the night
Turn up the night,
Turn up the night,
It feels so right!
Turn up the night

Black Sabbath lyrics

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