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Black Moon - Annihilation ft. Mop, Teflon Lyrics


Yo it's on it again

I got muthafuckin 5 footer, I got Teflon, I got M.O.P.

I got Mr. Walt with the funky beat

Yeah, niggas can't make no muthafuckin noise

Yea yeah

Bring it on


Now strap on your seatbelt, get ready for blast off

We on the crash course, mission from the moon [Me and my tech four]

Fuck a passport, I'm intergalactic

Get thru this bent and gin for my him, and then bury the hatchet

Fuck it, no games, stuck with Tefluck, 5, Billy & Fame

Recognize the muthafuckin name

All hail the muthafuckin, Tefluck to So So Def

Nigga to ever escape from Sony

Alive, recognize I'm with 5, I get live on stage

Roamin a 4 Alarm Blaze to get mine

All day [Every day] to Broadway [Every day]

Freak the foreplay [All day] [Every day]

More catchy than poison ivy

So if ya wanna get involved with some gangsta shit

Then step lively

For real, still a ill [nigga] real [nigga] real [nigga]

We kill to the fuckin House of Kill niggas

[5 Ft.]

Head on collision, crash got the social in the smash

Like the sanitation apartment we get rid of the trash

5, Teflon, Fame, Billy Danze got the crowd jumpin out of the stands

Like rock bands

Goin to war, with heavy artillery, nobodies killin me

Twenty one gun salute, now you feelin me

Applayin the pressure, add a squeeze on the trigger

Rest in piece to Bloody Red, my nigga

When Brooklyn's in the house

It's time to shut 'em down

Let worldwide catastrophe, just happenin now

Reality, fillin the tragedies of apocalyptic casualties

Side to side with First Family, hot to the death

Gaspin for your last breath

It's critical conditions when the microphone is blessed

"That's right"

Chorus: 5 Ft. [Lil Fame] {Billy Danze

Any attempts of violation

[Move on 'em, now, annihilation]

{And we vow to eliminate these habits

And the best is to eliminate these faggots

[Billy Danze]

[It's the] hell raisin Berkowitz [love to submit]

To your click [clack clack] this whole clip

Chose the right soldier to roll wit, and roll thick

[First Family] and we take no shit

Puma hold me down, "that's right", that old bitch

Rip rounds from pounds and clowns that tips

[Give it to a nigga] in this Family we earn ours

Flexin, rolexxin your lesson step thru turn styles

And learn vows, if ya slump, get wild form

5 is a good man, and I flouse for him

Billy's blowin torches at innocent bistanders on porches

So be cautious, ofcourse it's a war

Goin all out side, and my family refuse to hide

Till I die

[Lil Fame]

Aiyo I'm on another mission

But yet, it's the same condition

When I kidnap ya ass, it'll be a rap dude missin

First Family, we all compatible, with the same game

With the same aim, to splatter you

We happen to be, them fly niggas

Move with the 5 Footer, here come dunn-dunn

Move in on them with the rough cats

Let me ask them bitch ass niggas a question

[Kid what's that?]

What make you think that I won't ride and dump this thing on you

Rain on you, word on the street is they say i'm thru

But you got rocked, blood stain on you

Nuttin left to do, I jump to my dammer

He trip me, so I empty my hammer

Brought him into my slaughterhouse, and I brought about

8 dub dubs, to straight roll on em, for life

Chorus 2X


Yeah, yeah, hah

Teflon, 5, M.O.P. Fam Billy Danze

Here to annihilate on this annihilated track

Yeah, bringin it back

Droppin the bomb on the whole wideworld, yeah

Black Moon lyrics