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Black Magik - Torrential Lyrics

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I spend my time in the dark
With the shades closed real tight
But I like to see the rain
When it takes away the light
I dont care what others do
And I dont care where they go
Try to get away from them
And pay the toll I always owe

I hope when I leave this place
I wont wear the mask
But I walk among them now
And they take me to task
Whos buying what they sell?
Whos left to be paid?
Tear me down brick by brick
Til the wall gives no shade

Now you see the pain I hide
Thoughts I have of suicide
Everything becomes a lie

Now you hear the screams I cry
Words that seem to crucify
Say goodbye before I die

Take me from this cold embrace
Til all my thoughts are erased
Searching for that sacred place

Leave behind all disgrace
Vanish now without a trace
Better for the human race

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