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Bj Sam - The Star Will Always Shine Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Star Will Always Shine lyrics performed by Bj Sam. We have tried to make the The Star Will Always Shine song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

The Star will always shine...
Eagle will surely fly...
Anywhere anytime...

Verse 1
Know I'm destined to be great
It doesn't matter where I find myself
Know I can stand anywhere
Even in the desert I'll surely excel

Was born to make history
Greater is he that lives in me
That others didn't make it
Doesn't mean I wouldn't make it

I am a star born to shine
Can't be lost in shade of nite
Darkness may cover the whole earth
I will surely rise and shine.


Verse 2
Many keep wondering how
Eagle glides so high in the sky
Not knowing they also have ability to fly
But they just wouldn't belief & try

When storms approach they cry & grumble
While eagles gladly use the storm to fly over struggles
Cos they've realised before every breathrough
There'll always be storms & obstacles

Like eagles were born to fly not to crawl,
To shine bright as sparkle of diamonds
As I wait on d Lord Jesus
My strength is renewed to fly above the storm


I'm not afraid of the storm,
The storm only tells me I am about to be a champion
I'm not afraid of d storm
Cos after the storm I know everything will blossom.

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