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Bishop Lamont - Trail Mix Lyrics

South of Detroit where the carpets lay
First time I heard awesome Dre 48 hour straight in the spot
Exhausted day, lil nigga broke it pitiful
Hands cold as fuck, blowing in, I’m making smoke signals
Earl Flyn, top ten original
Lost my fuckin mind when I heard the sound, here we go
Big fellow, smoking gan with a gangsta remy
My favorite linebacker, guess I was on this really
Bumpin that, you got the chill by air assignment
The roof was on fire for real, I saw it burning
And I ain’t give a fuck, I don’t drive it without a permit
No future in my brunch, smacked up, pick out your perkich
Then I hit the hiphop shop spittin it harder
That P boop and that made me more determined
A wrapped over dealer and that just confirmed it
Hiphop got me volleyballin, it’s time to serve it

Blonde as in Facebook
Splitter? Yo
What happened to the days when everybody was outside getting into something?
Listening to the real hiphop, spitting about what was going on in the hood, not what was going on in the club
We know what’s going on in the club motherfucker, we’re there

Yea, I came up in the era all about flows
Originality, reality and not your clothes
But niggas was fresh and lottos and shelltoes
British like Dookie Rolls filling soups and cangos
Overall Freon shirts, plus colors had those
Housing at a house party, everybody ho
Now these niggas only rap for hoes
Look how that hit wreck it
Being fresh is a thing of the past
I guess there is a God to them and goddamn we gotta pass the test
Who’s to say you made a pin note what you in it for
So name your price and say it right from the fuckin door
And never compromise what you truly stand for
Cuz money can’t redeem deeds, or a snitch a whore
You are who you are til you an’t no more
Real talk, real walk get you even further
The side effect is true music might get you murdered
Like a Lennon in the 80’s gunned down by crazies
I reminisce without ever being bitter
Over the old days and radio play real niggas
Used to hit the corner store to hear the latest shit
Now all we got is best buy on target
Whack rappers clogging up Youtube
O’shea niggas uncommon see the bitch mute

I’d like to give a shout out to the real emcees
Like Busy Bee, Love Boat, Starks P
Treturous 3, Run DMC
Curtis Blow
Big Daddy Cane
To God Rakim

80’s baby, raisin the 90’s where T stream fuck the police and Dre saved me
Outkast, UGK and J raised me
Premium fresh the release that play daily
Terry block nigga, we was on the block heavy
You say him em 8-0-8’s bank from out there box heavy
Upgraded from jumpers with a prestrike
Moment long days never days with Bozizi nights
6 things were probly bidden and suck these movies regardless precision
Listen, weird niggas had to prove it was ill
Please swag a rap, massive that
On my southern playalistic Cadillac
Sells flow down to a pall, niggas rap was whack
Back before they blamed the south for the downfall
Pinat dropped, it was written secret vices
Reg if 3 beats we break then we fight for it nigga
We lie for the kryptonite to recite this
Hang on every line, ripped from a rhyme to reply this
Line up anyone of your fames, see who the nicest
And I won’t have a problem with the lineup, bribes list
Moded from the school of K, I listen Rakim
To great skies were the David Ben and Kazinem
I swear if you’ll get the best for me
Concede from a beat, hiphop til the death of me

See now, just because I’m from New York and I resigned in Los Angeles
Doesn’t mean I don’t fuck with west coast hiphop
I’m a real B boy
I listen to real hiphop
I fuck with the sound, I fuck with the noise
I fuck with the east and the west
As you can see on this track
We are cautionin this motherfucker
We got Mississippi up on this bitch
And you got the apple
I even got John Radeen

Bishop Lamont lyrics