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Birdeatsbaby - My Arms Will Open Wide Lyrics

The fever that falls is the one that will rise again
Secrets are mine but I won't tell anyone
Mine is a vice, such inconvenience
Picture me now when my motives are meaningless

Stubborn and tired, things I can never know
Unsatisfied, I have so far to go
When can I sleep, sink into nothingness
Fighting my way through the wretched unhappiness

Dear don't tie me down
I belong on another side
With no more reason to fight
Fade into the blue
My arms will open wide

Speeches to speak, always been spoken to
If I could wait, sure I'd be open to
Many's the sign, put my trust in anyone
And I'd do the time cause there's nothing I haven't done

Merit's no cure and no remedy
I've no more faith and no precious memories
Sorry I failed you and we should've won
But I feel like it's over before it's begun

Even gone, he fails me now
Stuck on another side
With all of his reasons to hide
Fake it till it's true
My arms will open wide

Your love is so pure
And mine is so tainted
Will I be the strangest
Sink into the floor
My arms will open wide

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