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Birdeatsbaby - The Sailors Wife Lyrics

The sailors wife, alone one night
In slumber as she bathes
She dreams of ships her sailors lip
Against the ocean waves

The sailors wife was pale and white
Beauty near divine
Oh how the sea has stolen thee
She drinks, she waits, she cries

Life is but a dream

The sailor knows that waves will grow
When all is not content
The sky grows dark, a lightening spark
A message must be sent

He shouts down to the sorry crew
The skys no longer blue
A storm is come to claim someone
So pray it is not you

Life is but a dream

The sailors wife had bare a life
Before she slipped and fell
Her back was broke, and as she soaks
She cannot cry for help

The sailor clings to ropes and things
He wont survive for long
Then crashing down upon his crown
A final, parting song

Both of them sinking as death pulls the plug
One in the ocean and one in the tub

The waters running
The storm is coming
The sailor is drowning, drowning

Life is but a dream

Birdeatsbaby lyrics