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Birdeatsbaby - Through Ten Walls Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Through Ten Walls lyrics performed by Birdeatsbaby. We have tried to make the Through Ten Walls song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Through ten walls you gently breathe
A rhythm only known to you and me
I would scratch these bricks away
So through the hollows you can hear me say

I have seen your misery
Youve always had a hold over me
Eyes so wide to blind the fates
But your sleep has kept so awake

Through ten walls you rest alone
Buried shallow under precious stone
It wont be too long before
Guilty hands come knocking on your door

Now you rise, you have become
A symbol of all I cannot trust
I may make these mountains move
But you turn them to dust

Its the life you chose and how
The years have frozen you my darling
How the consequences of your actions
Lead us to sever and betray
I know

Its not like Ill ever know
If you and I could roll away the stones
I cant give up my beliefs in who we are

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