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Birdeatsbaby - Tastes Like Sympathy Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Tastes Like Sympathy lyrics performed by Birdeatsbaby. We have tried to make the Tastes Like Sympathy song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I was once a child of God but then the devil kissed me
He gave me fear, and he said my dear
God will never miss thee

Theres a price upon my head, and Ive gone
Can the righteous still be lead by the wrong?

Ive been waiting for better days, but a cold wind keeps on blowing
If I confess, they say Im blessed but my dark heart keeps on growing

Did you want me to pretend?
Carry on
Ill never be your friend or belong

When I think back to sons I knew, that now I have forgotten
That sweet taste of sympathy, the taste of something rotten

Ive been losing all my life
In the shame
You would beg me to survive without blame

Take me back with open arms I know you cant resist me
My sweetest kiss, I tell you this
God, he didnt miss me

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