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Billy Squier - Telephone Relation (piper) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Telephone Relation (piper) lyrics performed by Billy Squier. We have tried to make the Telephone Relation (piper) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Telephone relation
Can't make it this way
Telephone relation
day to day
Something's wrong, oh I can't go on with
Telephone relation

Telephone relation
I'm acting so bad
Telephone relation
it's driving me mad
What's to say, can't stay away from
Telephone relation

As of today now, I've seen ya twice
As I recall, you looked oh so nice
I think its odd, do I sound out of place
I'm havin' a hard time rememberin' your face

Telephone relation
I'm talking to you
Telephone relation
Believe me it's true
Telephone relation
might be alright for you, but
Telephone relation
just won't do

Called you up just to make contact
"I can't talk now, let me call you back"
I get to ya later', but to my surprise
its half past two how the time just flies

Telephone relation's
holdin' me down
Telephone relation
gotta get you around
Things ain't right, gonna change the night, sweet
Telephone relation

It's not so hard when you get the knack
I'll call you, then you call me back
Send me a picture and I'll send you mind
Keep a private directory, things'll work out fine

Seems I'm shook, I believe I'm hooked on
Telephone relation

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