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Billy Squier - Don't Say No Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Don't Say No lyrics performed by Billy Squier. We have tried to make the Don't Say No song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

We live in confusion times---my world is a vice
Nobody gets out alive...but you can break through the ice
Don't say no

My wounds are the open kind---I bleed every day
I pray for a change of could take me away
Don't say no

Take on the system, playin' on the wrong side
Spend all my money tryin' to have a good time
Come 'round to see you from time to time
Week in the knees and I'm busted

Some people they treat me kind...some drive me away
Some people they blow your's not easy today
Don't say no

I live on the come from the void
I beg you to cross the take good care of your boy
Don't say no

Got me a ticket sittin' on a gold mine
Send me the int'rest, take me where the sun shines
Come 'round to see me from time to time
Bring it to me when I'm busted

One minute I'm outa time...I don't fit in your game
You kill me in overtime...I don't remember my name
One minute you're on my minute you're gone
You tell me to read the signs...they tell me we're on
Don't say no...

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