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Billy Ray Cyrus - Geronimo Lyrics

It was a wildcat of a hot night the stars were rippin' holes in the sky
The crickets in the thicket clicked quicker every minute poppin' like a 4th of July
On a tall paint pony on a bolt of white light rode a fire eyed medicineman
He said my name is Jerome and you're standin' in my home
Hounting was a song that he sang

He said the salt from my tears made a mountain so high
The moon had to jump to get over
I was cheated and beat but I never denied
The sun's my daddy and the earth is my mama
Wanderin' ghosts you made my tribe and my bride
Their prayers filled my ears as they fell
Then you drug me through the gutter till it hurt like hell
But if you think I look bad bud you better check out yourself

He said your bad dreams spinnin' in my mama's head
You strapped the foul breathed wolf to the back
You ride a steel horse racin' toward a rainbow's end
While her seas and her rivers run black
He said look what you done to her native son
Buddy look what you did to her skies
You trap her power and her glory in your company funds
But your prophets only make me cry

He said the salt from my tears...


He said boy can't you se that you're part of the planet
No less or more than the sea of the granite
She tries to give you all her love still you just want to ride her
What will you give for your last cup of water
What kind of price will you put on your brother
What are the secrets of your sould she's keepin' deep down inside her
Unless you really wanna know don't ask Geronimo
Unless you really wanna know don't ask Geronimo

Billy Ray Cyrus lyrics

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