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Big Daddy Kane - Long Live The Kane Lyrics

Party people in the place
Embrace the bass as I commence to pick up the pace
And make you motivate, and accelerate
Cause like tony the tiger, Im greeeat!
Always seem to come off, hard for you somehow
I mean me being wack, oh come come now
Thats quite ridiculous, so just admit you was
Thrilled, its on your face, and its conspicuous
Not that youre on this, but my performance
Is rather exquisite, so hard is it
Or supremacy, thats the perfect definition
But rappers keep wishing to be in my position
Know good and damn well they aint no competition
Huh, I gotta give it to you kid, thats ambition
For you to perpetrate the role of me, the big daddy
The big father, naah, dont even bother
Cause that would mean you would have to teach
Each and every one idiotic son
Trying to make it, you cant fake it
The rhymes I recite are fully dressed and yours are butt naked
Your speech is weak, while my mine stands strong
So, all hail the man thats here to live long

You know you heard this voice before somewhere
And when I said that Im the kane, you said oh yeah!? that brother that used to rhyme on stage with biz
Oh hes def,? you know what time it is
But this time Im not assisted on the microphone
More like patti labelle, on my own
Just single-handed, the mic I commanded
Phony mcs dont understand it, and it
Is the real thing like the taste of coke
So never sleep on me, better stay awoke
Like a gambler in vegas, I go for broke
To make a long story short, yo I aint no joke
I take time and care in whatever Im doing
And when I rock a party, I make sure that you en-
Joy what youre hearing as I entertain
So hip hip hoolay, long live the kane

I got the freedom of speech to use it anyway that I choose it
So all hail to the music
On exhibit, get with it, now heres my ring
The original supreme being black man
Point blank, the cream to rise supreme
As those go below like a submarine
Reaching and teaching a lesson that Im giving
Addressing and impressing the crowd, so how we living?
Fine in mind, to decline is out of line
So pardon this brother as I give you mine
To say Im not, dont even diss yourself
Cause at times, I have to jump back and kiss myself
Long live the k, the a, the n, the e
I say the end will be
A big movement, by the time Im through
And thats coming from a black mans point of view

Now pardon me for just changing the issue
But all you sucker mcs, its a must that I diss you
The way yall be fronting has made me disgusted
Now imma set you straight, so so yo yo, bust it
Rappers try and hang and just swear that they can party
But the style that Im using is just like karate
So if we ever battle youre bound to be through
Because I got a black belt in rap can do
No Im not chinese, its just rhymes like these
That destroy an mc with black belt degrees
Youre rocking a party, trying so hard to get loose
Kid sound awiiite, but I cant taste the juice
Therefore, the job is left to me
So I get the party kicking just like bruce lee
But I wont stop there, I still rock a little harder
While the toy mcs step and say, sayonara!

Long live the kane! (x2)
Break it down!

Big Daddy Kane lyrics