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Big Boy H - Yallz Need To Lyrics

yall don no me i kill niggas i like watchn u bleed 2 death maan u don understand i got all da bitches in the pom of my hand
i can make a earthquak and yall can watch me witness it
cuz ima killa to death and when something happens ima finish it
aaa i come out wit da fresh sneakas
yall niggas getn jelous
and when i come out wit the benz yall niggas wonder wat da hell iz....
happenin around here cuz i aint no joke
niggas talk back and ima slice ur throat
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don no y niggas even try to make the nba yall aint balln for life yall nigas maa gay
actn like u can clap like i clap or rap like i rap cuz when i come at u again
u wont even know how to say cuz this is all u can say and it aint true anywaz
u kant shine or
ride like me or
pull dymes like me if u aint from da street
cuz u aint no hood star we don wanna know hoo u iz
u probably lived in da projects as a kid

Big Boy H lyrics