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Bet Your Life - Thanks A Latte Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Thanks A Latte lyrics performed by Bet Your Life. We have tried to make the Thanks A Latte song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

It's time to spill out all those words
You kept bagged up in that skin of yours.
Pretend they're sharp, pretend they hurt,
Pretend they left a big fucking stain on the floor.
We kneel with dirty rags,
Stopping blood like heart attacks.
All we know is how to clean the mess.

There's copper in the air and wrinkles in our hands.
They're soaking through.
This was unintentional but not unpreventable.

It's time to spit out all those words,
Spit them right into your brother's face.
Pretend it's right, pretend it's just
As you let him wipe it off in humiliation.
Ignore the ever-present guilt.
Everything you see is a mirror image
Staring back at you.


Wake up to see those blurry, blurry lines.
Let your feet drag on the ground.
Soak up that empty sound.
Echoes of all the things you know you shouldn't say
Decay inside your head
As we go through it again.

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