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Bessie Smith - I Ain't Got Nobody Lyrics

There's a saying going 'round and I begin to think it's true
It's awful hard to love some man, when he don't care for you
Once I had a lovin' man, as good as any in town
But now I'm sad and lonely, he's gone and turned me down, now
I ain't got nobody, nobody and nobody cares for me

I got the blues, the weary blues
And I'm sad and lonely, won't some good man come and take a chance with me?

I'll sing good songs, all the time
If you'll come and be my sweet baby mine
'Cause I ain't got nobody, and nobody cares for me

Won't somebody go and find my man and bring him back to me
It's awful hard to be alone and without sympathy
Once I was a loving gal, as good as any in this town
But since my daddy left me, I'm a gal with her heart bowed down

Bessie Smith lyrics

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