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Berlin - In My Dreams Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In My Dreams lyrics performed by Berlin. We have tried to make the In My Dreams song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I see you every night
I pull your strings
You dance for me, you laugh, I make you sing
I want complete control
I say when
Let's try again

I see you every day
You walk on by
I try to speak but then I wonder why
I have you every night all to myself
Never alone
Asleep, you're gone

I wrote a line or two
Tried to explain
In your morality it's not the same
I want you on your knees
I want you down
Never a sound

You could be, yes you could be, the one I love
You could be the sexy thing I'm dreaming of
You could spend the night with me
And never know you were here
In my dreams
You could be, yes you could be, my slow romance
You could be a master in my lovers' dance
You could scream out loud and
There's no one to hear, only me
In my dreams

Berlin lyrics

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Songwriters: Pat Genaro, Bill Borrelli, Lou Levinson