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Benjy Davis Project - Purgatoria Lyrics

Oh, here we go, another normal day
In Purgitoria, all we know is what we hear
And we believe in what we fear
We fear confession
And every day is quite the same so we,
Call them by different names and,
We feel better
It helps us to remember

That's just the way we are
Way we are
Where I come from

Oh, here we go, gold and incense, Hallelujah!
Representatives of Jesus
Passing baskets to the people
Children dying of diseases
Would have love to've seen this steeple
But sometimes we're required to put
Priorities in order
So we build our churches taller
While their shortened lives get shorter

And that's just the way we are
Way we are
It's just the way we are, the way we are

Gold the mask that costumes evil
Ties the blindfolds we can't see through
Believe the hand that leads you
Through the normal life we need
Stand in line for trial
Facing forward single file
Taught to fear, I fear denial
I'm just a child I only know

[Repeat Chorus]

Benjy Davis Project lyrics