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Bellz - Yah-key dis Lyrics

Rest in peace
to Soulja Slim
im bout to give da beat 400 degreez
No disrespect
i got love for Juvie
But Yahkey do so much actin
he could star in a movie
Fuck dat lets get st8 to da topic
he a homo
he wants to have sex wit a mopstick
whats wrong whats going on
i heard ya 16 to the distant lover song
in my point of view
my shit was betta
but kanye aint think so
so um whateva
who eva did ya track wasted a beat
fa yall that dont know
Yahkey a hoe
he from chicago
but rep st. louis
tryin to perfect the word dirty
but just cant do it
thats enuff
just leave it up to nelly and dem
u dont talk wit a accent
if u do its a accident
u a hard core rapper
and still practice abstonence
c mon man
thats lame ass hell
how u gone grow in da game
being jealous of bellz
thats a no no
like j millz track
dog i must admit u da #1 stunna
ril ungrateful
when we open fa da gunnaz
like clint aint doing nuthin
and that belle hooke u up
put u in a proper position
to get some attention
why u mad at me
i will never understand
but i know the way u act
u will neva be a man
u will neva be a g
since u kickin it wit juvie
say what up to lil weez
u warm but im boiling i wouldnt give a fuck if u moved to New Orleans
OHH OHH its a sorry song
enuff about yahkey get da party on
Cmon ma we can dip dip
to my room and have good sex
i got now and c got next
if you agree just say ALRIGHT

Bellz lyrics