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Bella Bahhs - Power Hall Lyrics

Im so Chi, never bashful
Watch my watch glow
Cant see the time
Where did time go?
Timeless flow
Time flies
Time Traveler
They love her
Bella the rapper
Westside steppin
Bella the dancer
Wrap the blunt after
Make that a Vega
Then write a paper
Lifes what you make her
Me, my own maker
Making the greatest music creations
Talk of the nation
That Derrick Rose flow
But I aint flakin on my team
I let them hoes know
And I aint sittin out no games
I let them shots go
Or throw them bows though
You let them thots go
In yo pockets
You a clown
You fuckin Bozo
Im pushin work
I need a fuckin bulldozer
Still go to work with a fuckin hangover
That Youthful shit
Nigga I hate being sober
Hate being sober so I inhale
Just to exhale
Exit hell
Got the devil on my coattail
Wanna buy my soul
Nigga no sale
Nigga no go
Nah I cant go
Not for no gold
You keep yo chains
I be like Django
You keep them chained
I be that Django
You cant buy my soul nigga
And I bet I never fold
But I bet I still go gold
Im from the Go so all I know is hustle
Cause all we knew was struggle
Niggas aint toss they tassles
No work slacks, the work never slacks though
Kept the stacks in a duffle
Young niggas stay in trouble when all they stomach rumble
Like lets get ready to rumble
Niggas dont hear you when you mumble
Fuck that humble shit
And fuck that rapping bitch
Yeah fuck that rappin bitch that you know
You know she aint beenmo this cold
Shouldve named the song Bring It On
Be like Burr, its cold in here must be Bella Bahhs the beat massacre
Must be Bella bod got hoes insecure
With my brogods
Never singular
Might go sing a verse out in Singapore
Might go steal some merch bring it to the poor
Like Robin Hood
Never rob the hood
Always feed the homies like Fresh Goods
This that Dope Boy Magic
Yall some fuckin addicts
We them fuckin Leaders
Yall just fuckin tweeters
Yall be fuckin tweakin
Like Did she really hack Fox News?
Is Phil_My_Lyrics her boo?
Why her tweets so cruel?
The fuck you mean her arms grew?

Welcome to Power Hall
We get our party on
After our studies done
No it aint for everyone
This college shit
Tuition high as shit
Need ten scholarships to pay for half of it
Now aint that bout a bitch?
Shit is ridiculous
They still oppressing us and dress it up and call if freedom
We aint dumb
Aint nothing free and slavery, it still aint done
Lets undress this shit that they call tuition
Nigga cant afford it, nigga no admission
So nigga no go
Tuition be that Jim Crow
The new literacy test
They dont expect us to pass
But I got something for that ass
I got an A in every class
Making my ancestors glad
But I make the massah mad
Bet I make the massah mad
When I get my masters
Free at last
Free at last

Bella Bahhs lyrics