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Beastie Boys - The Maestro Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Maestro lyrics performed by Beastie Boys. We have tried to make the The Maestro song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Who is the man coming down your block
It's me you see with the funk in my walk
'Cause I'm doin' just what I like to
Today is my day and I'm a get nice too
You gotta keep movin' and you can't say nothing
I'm a keep bouncin' and bumpin' and stuffin'
One thing you ought to know---I am the maestro


I feel like Rufus Thomas
The crown prince of dance
I'm Mike D and I'm known for romance
I'm the crazy baldhead with the part on the side
And I'm riding down the block
Like I'm on a water slide
'Cause it's the type of day
I feel like pressing my luck
'Cause I got nothing to lose
'Cause I don't give a fuck
See I'm a player I play
Don't play to win I play to show
I am the maestro!

(Routine, then speech)
Who is the man.

Beastie Boys lyrics

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